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Cinematic Promotional films for businesses at competitive prices.
Don't settle for just videography

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Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities

much more so than music or language alone.
Promote your business through cinematography, not just videography

“Beautiful, emotive and cinematic promotional movies, filmed on premises and crafted in studio, produced to promote your business. Convey your passion and mission through visual narrative thoughtfully penned to draw your customers to your organisation.

Other videographers film and then apply stock background music. We however, craft visual stories designed to engage your customers through cinematography.
What’s more, we will beat any quote by 30%.

Let’s tell your story through motion picture.”

Freelance video & film producer, camera operator, video editor, photographer and motion graphics designer.

Some of our Commercial work

What do you get?

4k Resolution Filming
Sound Recording
Colour Grading
Green Screen Studio
Scripts and Storyboards
Voice Overs / Narration
Motion Graphics such as Animation & Titles
Special Effects
Engaging Cinematic Feel

Competitive Prices!

What Do We Do?

We create inspiring cinematic-style promotional films for businesses. Unlike other Videographers, we don’t just film seemingly relevant scenes and append background music to footage. We create short movies that through mindful filming and thoughtful editing, inspire others to want to learn more about your business. We’re also very competitively priced. Our commercial work comes off the back of the experience gained through our charity work, where our mission is to create movies that inspire others to do good. This too is in the form of cinematic-style short movies for not-for-profits and individuals with a good story to tell, to help promote their cause and passion for kindness in this world.

Who Are We?

There’s no We. I’m a freelance video maker, based in the beautiful Scenic Rim, Queensland, Australia and I do this because I’m passionate about showing how much good there still is in this world, as well as passionate about cinematography. Through 100 Acts of Kindness, I bring the two together. When I need to, I’ll bring contractors in to help with bigger projects. This way, I can keep prices down and considerably more affordable for businesses like yours. I work with organisations all across Australia, with the majority of my work being anywhere between the Gold Coast to Brisbane and up to the Sunshine Coast.

How Much Does it Cost?

Films created for charity and non-profits are all FREE, no catches. For commercial work, we are extremely competitive, and will beat any quote you obtain from another Videography business by up to a whopping 30%. We create videos for businesses offering services, shops selling products, food in cafes and restaurants, wildlife videos, documentaries, real-estate, corporate and videos for the travel industry. And if you’re a struggling business in a pickle hoping that a promotional film might help bring customers in, talk to us. We can probably help with a heavily subsidised film. All we ask is you pass-it-on through an act of kindness yourself.

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We will beat any quote

Forward a quote from any of our competitors for a similar themed promotional movie, and we will beat it by 30%. That's how confident we are on our competitive prices.

Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
Wow! I am so impressed by 100 Acts of Kindness!! They compiled a terrific promotional video for my store, "Bygone Days", and were so clever to capture its true essence and identity through video. Drew is so genuine and true to his word. I am truly grateful for such a useful tool that I can now use with social media for promotional purposes. Thank you Drew and 100 Acts of Kindness!

Store Owner
Bethan - Journaling with Nature
Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
"I needed a video created for a project I was working on. I had a lot of short video clips on my camera and iPhone but didn't have the skills to edit them professionally. 100 Acts of Kindness edited together all the footage that I gave them in a beautiful and professional way. The finished result flowed perfectly with them also adding music and sounds to support the visual content. They did all this without asking for any payment at all, just as an act of kindness to us and the cause we are working for. I couldn't be happier with the job they did. Drew is a skilled filmmaker and editor with a thorough knowledge of how to combine video, music and sound to produce a highly professional result. Thank you so much!"

Bethan - Journaling with Nature
Company Owner
Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
100 Acts of Kindness Films made a wonderful short promotional movie for my cafe. Drew spent the whole day with us, even making espressos and serving coffees. I really think that helped in understanding what we are about at the Ecky Thump. The film is amazing and with people sharing it, is genuinely helping my business. I'm very proud of it. Thank you Drew.

Cafe Owner
Stephen Burns
Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
Absolutely 5 STAR EXCELLENT GREAT VALUE by 100 Acts of Kindness Films. If you don't use them for your next video you have rocks in your head. Call me for a reference 0499 *** ***.

Stephen Burns


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