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How would you comfort your future self?

A kind "How's your day been?", could be the only thing the elderly person down the road hears this week.

When I was about 10, I heard a song by a duo that my mum was very fond of at the time. It was Old Friends by Simon & Garfunkel. And there is one particular line in that tune that struck me as a very young kid; “How terribly strange to be 70”. No matter how much I tried, I could not even remotely fathom what it would be like to be 70. Now over 35 years later, imagining this isn’t anywhere near as hard! But if I try and imagine what it might be to be so frail and so elderly to the point of vulnerability, then I get that same feeling I had so many years back. A local elderly care home kindly allowed me through their doors to meet and film the elderly residents, where I have made some amazing friends. This movie is about how the smallest kind word can make a world of difference to an elderly person. Loneliness is a terrible thing.

I remember asking a couple of the carers there, “What is that look in their eyes that they all have? Is it vulnerability?”

“No”,  they both said in unison. “It’s inevitability”.

How would you comfort your future self?


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