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You do the filming. We’ll do the rest.

You may not wish to go for the full package when working with us. Being experienced in all aspect of film production, we can tailor and price work according to your requirements. So if you do the filming, but need someone to edit, we can step in. If you want us to film but you do the edit, that too is fine!

What’s more under the “100 Acts of Kindness” banner, we give out free help and answer any questions you may have when you work on your part of the production. Just drop us a line.

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Journaling with Nature - The Edit

Bethan from Journaling with Nature had her own crew that filmed using iPhones. Feeling that she didn’t quite have the skills to edit the tens of clips of video of varying lengths, audio quality and colour to a level that would best convey her message, she came to us.

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    "I needed a video created for a project I was working on. I had a lot of short video clips on my camera and iPhone but didn't have the skills to edit them professionally. 100 Acts of Kindness edited together all the footage that I gave them in a beautiful and professional way. The finished result flowed perfectly with them also adding music and sounds to support the visual content. They did all this without asking for any payment at all, just as an act of kindness to us and the cause we are working for. I couldn't be happier with the job they did. Drew is a skilled filmmaker and editor with a thorough knowledge of how to combine video, music and sound to produce a highly professional result. Thank you so much!"
    Bethan - Journaling with Nature
    Bethan - Journaling with Nature

Editing with Emotional Intelligence
For films with no storyboard, we edit scenes mindfully cut at the right time, in the right place, to the right mood of music, to have the maximum emotionally-reaching artistic experience on the viewer. We offer a quick editing turnaround too on all post-production services, making editing with us, a cost-effective and time-efficient option.
Color Correction Grading
We pay a great amount of attention to colour grading footage to give scenes a particular mood. We can make a scene look bright and cheerful, or moody and dark just with post production colour grading and/or correction.
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
We can provide visual effects, such as footage being displayed on an on-screen mobile phone, or on-screen graphics, titles and animation for your film. Animated well placed graphics that accompany footage, can really make your film pop and break up monotony.
Green Screen / Chroma Key
We have our very own in-house Green Screen / Chroma Key studio. We use this to add multiple layers of footage and visual effects behind the subject to give your film an extra professional feel. Head over to our Green Screen page to find out more.
Music and Composition
Our forte is strategically editing and applying music to scenes in such a way that the viewer experiences the film, not just watches it. We provide music edited to your footage that matches the mood of your film scene by scene. We have access to thousands of royalty free musical tracks of all genres and are also partners with distributors to arrange licensing of famous songs.
Audio Engineering
We record Audio in Stereo or Mono with world-class recording hardware. When it comes to sound engineering, we clean up and match levels between scenes accordingly, even when recorded from different sources, and we manipulate and equalize audio to make it sound like the scene was filmed in areas it wasn’t. Not limited to technical manipulation we will often blend sources of audio and music for artistic affect.
Subtitling, Captions & Translation
We provide Closed and Open Caption services that can be switched on/off or burnt into the footage, should you want to ultimately reach to a wider audience.
4k UHD Filming for TV and Streaming
And if you find after post-production has commenced that you need to retake shots, then we can assist with that too. We film in Ultra High Definition and High Definition Formats accepted by most major broadcasting television and streaming networks.

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