Business Video Package

All you need for the perfect video to promote your business.
Online or on National TV

Our business video package was created to streamline and simplify the process of producing videos for businesses in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.

For one set fee, you know up front what you’ll get, with no surprise costs later down the line.

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We produce films and videos for businesses and organisations all around Australia, but if you’re based in South East Queensland, we’d love to hear from you and chat about your video, over a drink. If it’s TV Commercials you need, documentaries, interview videos, promotional videos, case study videos, branded content or product videos, corporate, conference or event videos, get in touch with us anytime. We’ll discuss your ideas around the video, your business needs and provide a nonobligatory up-front figure on costs through our Business Video Package. You can read more about our Specialisms here.

4k Ultra High Definition Filming
The Business Video Package includes a one day onsite video shoot, including audio recording, lighting and monitors that allow you to follow exactly what the cameraman is filming, shot by shot.
TV Calibre Edited Video
Your video will be edited professionally to an agreed length suitable for your audience and broadcasting platform, be it for television, your website, social media or an internal corporate video.
Background Music
The Business Video Package includes commercially licensed music, carefully chosen to compliment the mood of your video and skillfully edited to complement your film.
Logo Animation & Narration
The Business Video Package includes professionally scripted female or male narration, as well as an animation of your logo that can be displayed throughout the film or towards the end.

TV Calibre Results

Give your film a professional feel associated with high budget projects, that fills your end-audience of confidence in the message you’re delivering.

Increase Revenue

Bring in more customers through your investment in an engaging branded promotional video that portrays your business’ story.

Use it anywhere

Whether you need a commercial advert, a training video or a corporate presentation, contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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