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Through emotional intelligence and emotive cinematography, we tell genuine stories using real people to appeal to consumers on a visual, auditory and emotional level

100 Acts of Kindness Films

Documentaries, Cinematic Films, and Promotional Adverts.
Don't settle for videography

“Cinematic and emotive documentaries, videos and promotional TV ready adverts filmed on premises, crafted in studio and produced to promote your project or business. Convey your passion and mission through visual narrative thoughtfully penned to engage and draw in your viewers.

Where videographers film and then apply stock background music, we produce visual STORIES designed to engage your viewers with cinematography.

Let’s tell your story through motion picture.”

Film producer, camera operator, video editor, photographer and motion graphics designer.

One of our TV ads

Let’s catch up for a coffee

Whether you’re a seasoned film or documentary distributor, or whether you’re a small business not quite sure where to start for a commercial TV or social media ad, we’d love to hear from you and chat over a drink. If it’s TV Commercials you need, documentaries, interview videos, promotional videos, case study videos, branded content or product videos, corporate, conference or event videos, get in touch with us anytime. We’ll discuss your needs and provide a nonobligatory up-front figure on costs. You can read more about our Specialisms here.

4k UHD Filming for TV and Streaming
We film in Ultra High Definition and High Definition Formats accepted by most major broadcasting television and streaming networks, for both documentaries and commercial advertisements. And we’ve partnered with all the major TV broadcasters to obtain a tailor suited package for maximum viewer reach, at a competitive price.
Editing with Emotional Intelligence
For films with no storyboard, we edit scenes mindfully cut at the right time, in the right place, to the right mood of music, to have the maximum emotionally-reaching artistic experience on the viewer. We offer a quick editing turnaround too on all post-production services, making editing with us, a cost-effective and time-efficient option.
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
We can provide visual effects, such as footage being displayed on an on-screen mobile phone, or on-screen graphics, titles and animation for your film. Animated well placed graphics that accompany footage, can really make your film pop and break up monotony.
Green Screen / Chroma Key
We have our very own in-house Green Screen / Chroma Key studio. We use this to add multiple layers of footage and visual effects behind the subject to give your film an extra professional feel. Head over to our Green Screen page to find out more.
Music and Composition
Our forte is strategically editing and applying music to scenes in such a way that the viewer experiences the film, not just watches it. We provide music edited to your footage that matches the mood of your film scene by scene. We have access to thousands of royalty free musical tracks of all genres and are also partners with distributors to arrange licensing of famous songs.
Audio Engineering
We record Audio in Stereo or Mono with world-class recording hardware. When it comes to sound engineering, we clean up and match levels between scenes accordingly, even when recorded from different sources, and we manipulate and equalize audio to make it sound like the scene was filmed in areas it wasn’t. Not limited to technical manipulation we will often blend sources of audio and music for artistic affect.
Storyboard and Scripting
We can help with a script and storyboard for that schmick commercial feel we are all familiar with when watching adverts or documentaries. And we use our own teleprompters so that your subjects ooze confidence when filming.
Color Correction Grading
We pay a great amount of attention to colour grading footage to give scenes a particular mood. We can make a scene look bright and cheerful, or moody and dark just with post production colour grading and/or correction.

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What Do We Do?

We create inspiring cinematic-style promotional documentaries and commercial adverts for businesses. Unlike videographers, we don’t just produce seemingly relevant scenes and append background music to the footage. We create short movies that through mindful filming and thoughtful editing, inspire others to want to learn more about your documentary subject or business service / product. We’re also very competitively priced. Our commercial work comes off the back of the experience gained through our free charity work, where our mission is to create movies that inspire viewers to do good, as we believe, when presented with emotional intelligence, kindness is contagious.

Who Are We?

We are an independent film maker and commercial advert producer, based in the beautiful Scenic Rim, Queensland, Australia. We do this because we’re passionate about showing how much good there still is in this world, as well as passionate about cinematography. Through 100 Acts of Kindness, we bring the two together. Though a small team, we have big dreams about bringing out the best in people, and even bigger hearts. And though we primarily service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we work with organisations all across Australia to create thought-provoking documentaries as well as clever engaging commercial adverts and films.

How Much Does it Cost?

Films created for charity and non-profits are all FREE, there are no catches. For commercial work, we are very competitive, with quality films produced anywhere

between $1000 and $10,000

depending on your requirements. We film and produce so many different types of films (documentaries for distributors, videos for businesses offering services, shops selling products, food in cafes and restaurants, wildlife videos, real-estate, corporate videos and films for the travel industry), and so prices can vary significantly between these. Rest assured though, we’ll work within your budget, so call us today for a friendly chat on what’s possible.

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Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
Wow! I am so impressed by 100 Acts of Kindness!! They compiled a terrific promotional video for my store, "Bygone Days", and were so clever to capture its true essence and identity through video. Drew is so genuine and true to his word. I am truly grateful for such a useful tool that I can now use with social media for promotional purposes. Thank you Drew and 100 Acts of Kindness!

Store Owner
Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
100 Acts of Kindness Films made a wonderful short promotional movie for my cafe. Drew spent the whole day with us, even making espressos and serving coffees. I really think that helped in understanding what we are about at the Ecky Thump. The film is amazing and with people sharing it, is genuinely helping my business. I'm very proud of it. Thank you Drew.

Cafe Owner
Stephen Burns
Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
Absolutely 5 STAR EXCELLENT GREAT VALUE by 100 Acts of Kindness Films. If you don't use them for your next video you have rocks in your head. Call me for a reference 0499 *** ***.

Stephen Burns
Shane Parsons
Reviews_100Acts_Of_Kindness_Movie_Film_Video_Productions_GoldCoast_Brisbane_Australia_5 star review
Having never done anything like this before, I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. Drew & co guided me all the way and I could tell they've been doing this for a long time. The attention to detail with the lighting and whatnot was very evident. They also wanted to make sure we were 100% happy with each recording of the full shoot. Ended up being quite a fun day all round. Recommend these guys for sure.

Shane Parsons
SMSF Auditor

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