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Bluey and Laura's Wedding

"We want a wedding film, that looks like it was filmed on the spur of the moment"

Bluey and Laura didn’t want a Wedding Video.They asked for a Wedding Film. A film that didn’t focus on wedding props and zooming in on cutlery. They asked for a film that focused on the happiness of the people at the wedding and that looked like it was filmed by one of the guests.

Wedding videographers film footage of shoes, belts, and the buttoning of shirts, and then after, they append background music. At 100 Acts of Kindness Films, as Film Makers, we are more than this. We use our extensive experience in documentary cinematography and a keen eye for body-language, to film the STORY of your wedding, to capture the happiness and journey of everyone present at your wedding. We then edit the footage to the carefully selected music, as if you hired your own composer, with this truly drawing your audience into the film for an engaging and memorable viewing experience.

Videographers often take months to edit and finalise a wedding. At 100 Acts of Kindness Films, we take just days. How else can one remember the feel and atmosphere of the wedding and convey this into your film? With packages starting from $1000, whether you’re on the Gold Coast or Scenic Rim, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, contact us today to discuss the possibilities of filming your wedding story. And yes, we’ll travel to anywhere else in Australia or Worldwide if you’re happy to pay traveling expenses.

We film Wedding Stories, not Wedding Props

Wedding Films, not Videos

Don’t settle for the mundane wedding format similar to all the other wedding videos out there. Capture the unique story and magic of your wedding on film for years to come.

100 Acts of Kindness Films – Beautiful, emotive and cinematic promotional movies film production from Gold Coast to Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, filmed on premises and crafted in studio, to help spotlight your cause. Convey your passion through visual narrative thoughtfully penned to draw your audience to your organisation.

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