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Spotted At The Park, Coomera

“We want an Australian singing 🎤 contest bigger and better than any other out there. One where competing adults and kids 👨‍👩‍👧, and spectators can sit, relax, eat 🥗 and drink 🍸 from options on a menu 😋, while enjoying the competition, in a colourful setting! And prizes, we want BIG BIG PRIZES that can inspire the modest of singers out there, and give them that one chance at being Spotted At, The Park Coomera.

And we want you to film it 🎥. The heats and the final.”

And I said, “Sure 👍, I’d love to! But you know, what you also need is an exciting promo film that inspires anyone, no matter what age 👴👧 , or how well they believe they sing, to give it a good crack.” And they said, “Yes!”.

And here it is… Do you have what it takes to be Spotted At The Park, Coomera? What you got to lose?

Spotted At The Park, Coomera

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This promotional film about a singing contest for all ages, was put together to engage the viewer, and in turn attract more entrants for the event.

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