Drew Salem

An official nominee for Citizen of the Year 2021 (31-65 years / Scenic Rim)

About 100 Acts of Kindness

100 Acts of Kindness is a film production company that creates free films for good causes, and commercial films with a magical cinematic feel, for businesses and people in need. They are completely free, with the only condition that the Act of Kindness is then passed on via a 100% selfless act of kindness. Our charitable goal is to show via our documentaries that there’s plenty of good in the world. That there are always people worse off than you. The humans behind stereotypes. And that the simplest gesture can make all the difference to someone.
I’ve given up an influential executive career in the corporate world, to produce free films on charities and individuals with profound stories.

Guided by empathy, instinct and a bit of emotional intelligence, 100 Acts of Kindness is the result.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve had a freakish ability to slow down people’s split-second facial expressions to almost a frame, frozen in time, where it then just hangs there in my head as the person continues talking. That expression says so much more than words alone. It truly is a window to the soul, and it’s been the gift and curse in my life.

By freezing those expressions, I want others to see the hidden joy they can instil in others through a simple act of kindness.” 

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