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Synergy Xmas Party

"Cinemagraphic films that tell a story, for all corporate events"

As documentary cinematographers at 100 Acts of Kindness Films, we like to tell a story in our films, no matter what type of film it is. And this is no different for Corporate Events. Synergy Management, a Gold Coast talent agency asked us to film their children models and actors at their Christmas Party. Rather than filming footage and then appending background music to this footage, we filmed in such a way that gives the impression a dedicated composer was commissioned for the film. The result; magic. And no boring corporate video.

Tell a visual story in your event films, that keeps your viewer engaged

Capture the Story, not just the Event

Break from the mold of boring footage with background stock music, and tell the visual story behind your event too.

100 Acts of Kindness Films – Beautiful, emotive and cinematic promotional movies film production from Gold Coast to Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, filmed on premises and crafted in studio, to help spotlight your cause. Convey your passion through visual narrative thoughtfully penned to draw your audience to your organisation.

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