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Journaling with Nature - The Edit

"A skilled filmmaker and editor with a thorough knowledge of how to combine video, music and sound to produce a highly professional result"

Bethan from Journaling with Nature is an artist and environmental educator, and her passion is about creating connection through nature journaling and sharing it.

She believes that nature journaling is a practice that is highly beneficial both personally and environmentally, and is accessible to everyone.

Bethan wanted to take her time filming her journaling walk through a forest, so she used her iPhone and home camera to do so.

Feeling that she didn’t quite have the skills to edit the tens of clips of video of varying lengths, audio quality and colour to a level that would best convey her message, she contacted us hoping we could do it for her.

So we cleaned it all up and produced it to thoughtfully edited music to come up with this.

We didn’t even know what Nature Journaling was till Bethan came to us, but simply put, it’s taking a stroll out in nature and taking the time to observe the most simplest of natural elements in the environment surrounding you; pausing to think about them and then sketching them. It’s a beautiful concept and it’s simplicity is meditative in itself. In this video she sketches as she goes along, to finally produce a beautiful colourful page of her journey.

You can view the final edited video below.

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"Drew edited together all the footage that I gave him in a beautiful and professional way"

Journaling with Nature

Filmed by the client,
edited by 100 Acts of Kindness

Bethan shows us how to connect with nature through journaling.

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