Trial #1 - Dreadlocks (In production)

When you see a person with Dreads, what's the first thing that goes through your mind?

What do you associate with Dreads and why? Drugs, Crusty Hippies, Reggae?

The first film in a series that questions why we judge those behind cultural stereotypes, “Don’t Judge Me for my Dreadlocks”, listens to stories from those that are for and those that are against Dreadlocks.

From the Priest’s Wife with Dreads, to the Teenage Daughter’s Mother’s Horror, to the Brother Sister Family Feud over Dreadlocks.

At 100 Acts of Kindness, we believe the key to harmony is empathy, and the key to empathy is listening to both sides of the story.

Will your perception change?

Dont Judge Me - Dreadlocks - 100 Acts of Kindness Films small collage

Do you have a Dreadlock story?
Or maybe just an opinion?

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